To avail of the discount, the senior citizen shall:

  • Apply for the discount or thru a representative. There shall be annual renewal of application to the water district.
  • Submit the following requirements:
    1. 1. Proof of age and citizenship
    2. 2. Proof of billing. Meter registration should be in the name of the senior citizen residing therein for a period of one year
    3. 3. In case of a representative, submit authorization letter and valid I.D.

Application for Availment (.doc)
Application Letter for Senior Citizen Discount (.docx)

SMWD Plant A Tree Program
Forests play a major role in erosion control, protection and conservation of water supplies and preventing floods. Because of these contributions that trees make to our environment, they are essential to our welfare. SMWD actively participate in the greening of the District by planting trees.

Tree Planting Photos

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